Monday, July 22, 2013

Release Day Review with Giveaway: CHARMED by Cambria Hebert

So I'm freakin' crazy excited to celebrate the release of

Cambria Hebert's Charmed (Death Escorts #2)!!!!

Woo hoo!!!!  Wow-weeeeeeee!!!  **cartwheels**  Yay yay yay!!!!!

Yay!!!  Besides my five star review, you'll get a sneak peek 
and a chance to win some fantabulous prizes!!!  Oh Yeah!!!!

by Cambria Hebert

Life or Death? Not many people would choose death. But what if death chooses you? What if death doesn’t mean the end of your life, but the beginning?

For a Death Escort, death is life. Death is your paycheck. Death is your job.

And Charming is the best Escort the Grim Reaper has ever had.

But when you piss off the Reaper, being the best doesn’t matter. So Charming is assigned a Target who is practically impossible to kill. He knows the Reaper hopes he fails—that he’s counting on it. So Charming vows to prove him wrong. He vows to make the kill.

But someone else vows to get in his way. Someone with a big mouth, a sugar habit, and blond hair. Someone who makes his heart start beating again.

And so Charming is left holding more than one person’s fate in the palm of his hand. He thought the choice would be easy, that there really wasn’t a question at all.

He was wrong.

Life or Death?

Genre:  New Adult Paranormal Romance (just right amount of steamy)
 Note: Due to Sexual content and some language this book is recommended for readers 17+

Series: Death Escorts 
Note: You do NOT have to read Recalled to understand Charmed
There are major spoilers to Recalled within Charmed however.

Release Date: July 22, 2013 TODAY!!!!!

Publisher Type: Indie Gal!!!

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My Rating:  *  *  *  *  *

My Review:

This is a freak-tastic sweet and steamy read!  There's such incredible chemistry between Charming and Frankie!  Wowie-wow-wow!  **goosebumps**  I'm blown away by how perfect this sexy, suspenseful love story is!  I fell head over heels for Charming; you know I love a conflicted bad boy.  And Frankie, brave and snarky, is just the right kind of heroine for this tale.  The suspense kills me throughout!  How the hell was this all going to work out?!?  I was dying to find out, especially given how book 1 ended.

In Charmed we have the characters we met in Recalled (which I do highly recommend reading first).  Charming, Storm and even G. R. were characters that weren't as strongly built in book 1, but really come into their own in Charmed.  I love Charming's back story and he's so well written, he totally could be real!  Both Storm and G. R. became more interesting characters in Charmed too and I'm excited to see what will become of them further in the series (especially with that pink soul)! 

This story contains suspense, plot twists and conflicted characters.  This is AN INCREDIBLE READ and you really, really, really need to read it. **happy sigh**

Cover Art:
I'm so in love with Regina Wamba of Mae I Design's work!  And I'm a huge fan of the covers to the Death Escorts series.  I love the color choices, the mystery and the subtle details that perfectly reflect the novels so well! 

Hot Trailer Goodness:

Sneak Peek:

Sugar. I needed more of it if I was going to make it through this day. The chocolate croissant and caramel latte I had this morning wasn’t near enough to combat the massive lines, the noise, and disgruntled people that filled the DMV. Whatever in hell made me think that working at the Department of Motor Vehicles, here in Alaska, was a good idea?

Maybe it was the good pay. Maybe it was because I got weekends off.

Or maybe it was because I had a moment of temporary insanity that unfortunately coincided with me saying, “I accept,” when I got offered this job.

Besides the fact that the lines were permanently out the door, the computer systems were temperamental at best, and my boss was a complete broom rider, my stash of chocolate and Sour Patch Kids was empty.

That meant someone was going to die today.

I glanced back up at the ninety-year-old woman whose head barely cleared the insanely high counters we stood behind and tried to hold on to my patience. “Mrs. Eldridge,” I said extremely loudly. “Like I told you last week, you have to go and get new glasses before I can renew your driver’s license.”

“I have new glasses,” she insisted.

Lord, save me now.

“You got those ten years ago. You need some from this year.” Or decade I finished silently.

She shuffled out of the line like a turtle and I took her slowness as a chance to really search beneath my station and chair for a long-lost piece of sugar. Anything. Even a stray jellybean would likely find its way into my blood stream at this point. Of course there was nothing. I briefly considered hiding beneath my desk until five o’clock. My car. I had an emergency stash in my car. I glanced at my watch. I had another hour until I was able to take a fifteen-minute break.

A pair of black pumps appeared before me and I inwardly groaned. Just what I needed—a run-in with the witch. But instead of being greeted by her condescending, screechy tone, an icy-cold red can appeared before me.

Hallelujah, praise the Lord, it was caffeine and sugar!

I snatched the Coke out of her hand and popped the top, taking a large, satisfying chug. The bubbles crowded down my throat, slightly burning, and I took another swallow.

“I love you,” I murmured to Lela, the girl who worked right beside me.

She laughed. “I know that look when I see it.” Then she straightened and whispered. “Witch alert.”

I shot up, my head bumping into the counter on the way. I wanted to shout out in pain, but I clamped my mouth shut, not wanting to draw the attention of my boss, Satan’s assistant.

I turned back to my line, my eyes colliding with a broad chest. I looked up, and the can slid out of my hand, hitting the floor with a thud while fizzy liquid poured over my favorite boots.

I didn’t even notice.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I growled as I looked around for something sharp I could stab him with.

A thick brow arched. “So is this where you spend your days? As if the DMV isn’t a horrible enough place to visit without the poor people of Alaska having to tolerate you.”

There wasn’t enough sugar on this planet that would save him. I reached out and picked up the black phone. If I couldn’t bludgeon him to death here at my place of employment, then I could at least call the cops. I began dialing, but he reached over and cut the connection.

I slammed the phone down on his hand, which was still pressed on the hang-up button. Breath hissed between his teeth and his green eyes shot to mine. “Careful, George, you’re pissing off the wrong man.”

“My name isn’t George.”

He shrugged, pulling his hand away from the phone. “When you have a man’s name, does it really matter?”

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