Saturday, June 1, 2013

Review: SHADOWBORN by Jocelyn Adams

**Just a quick FYI: I review mostly YA and YAish books, this is NOT one of them ... 
if it were a movie, it'd be R**

Shadowborn (Lila Gray #2)
by Jocelyn Adams 

Intended audience: 18+, strong language, adult themes, some violence.

Why me?

That’s the question Lila Gray asks every time yet another bad guy tries to destroy the earth, and she learns she’s the only one who can stop it. Once again, something’s on the prowl, leaving hundreds of comatose, soulless victims in its wake.

Couldn’t the deadliest assassins of the Otherworld go after someone else instead of the brand new Queen of the Seelie? One who still hasn’t adapted to her new role.

Lila would ask Liam Kane, King of the Unseelie, for advice, but something’s off with him, too. He’s holding back. In some way. About some thing. In fact, he refuses to tell her what’s going on.

The truth holds Lila back from the greatness of her role—the people she was born to lead—the man who she desperately loves—and the solution to the latest war raging around her.

To find the answers, she’ll need to fight through her own darkness and embark on a journey through her psyche.

If she doesn’t succeed, the Shadowborn will claim not only her world, but her soul.

Genre: Urban Fantasy/PNR
Publisher Type: Indie/Small Print
Rating: *  *  *  *  *

My Review:
You know those books that once you finish, you want to jump up and down, hugging your Kindle, with the immense satisfaction of an incredibly great read?  Yup, this is one of those.  Holy freakin' cow this book is great!!!

So what was so fabulous?  Well, book 2 is all about Lila finding her way amid all the action. mystery and suspense that is still so prevalent in the Lila Gray series.  It's an amazing story, with all those great characters we've come to love --or hate-- and more of that crazy chemistry that sizzles, but friendship becomes a major theme in Shadowborn.  The fate of the world rests on Lila and her ability to see beyond the pain of her past and to trust those around her ... but are they trustworthy???  Liam continues to be a big question mark here.  What about Nix?  Heck, what are we to think of Parthalan?  They'll be no spoilers here, so you'll just have to read this one for yourself.  I will tell you that the ending of Shadowborn completely kicks a$$.  I love how it all comes together, love Lila's growth, love the end result of her actions!!!  Can't wait to see what happens in book 3, Rise of the Magi coming out June 4th!

Cover Art:
I'm conflicted about this cover.  It's good art, no doubt.  It's dark and foreboding, which fits the book well.  I guess what niggles at me is that this cover says to me "contemporary suspense thriller" maybe "crime drama" not "urban fantasy/pnr."  I'd probably skip over this one in a bookstore, not expecting it to be my beloved speculative fiction genre.

Purchase Links:
Stop by J. Taylor Publishing to get the skinny on where to pick this baby up.  And don't forget to add the Lila Gray Series to your Goodreads TBR!

Big News about the Lila Gray Series:
I've recently finished the first book, Glass Man (see my review here) and --of course-- this is the review for book 2, Shadowborn.  Book 3, Rise of the Magi is out June 4th and I hope to have my review ready for you on release day.  Rise of the Magi is the finale for the series and I'm crazy excited to see how this series concludes!  I've also got a spot on the blog tour, which will include a giveaway --woot woot!!!-- on July 3rd.  So make sure to stop back by soon!!!!

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