Monday, June 10, 2013

Release Day Spotlight: HEVEN AND HELL ANTHOLOGY by Cambria Hebert

You know I LOVE Cambria Hebert 
and her rockin' YA Urban Fantasy/PNR Heven & Hell Series!!!
And so, you can probably guess 
just how excited I am to celebrate with her on the release day!
Yay!!! WOO HOO! Yeeeehaw!

So here's all the dets for this new, special release of the Heven & Hell Series...

This special anthology contains all the Heven & Hell short stories:



PLUS All new bonus content:

An excerpt in Jason’s POV (Heven’s father)

Rules of a Hellhound (a sheet that the author used to write and keep track of hellhounds and Sam)

A Heven & Hell Yearbook - featuring character photos, bios and more!

Make sure to get this beaut on your

Here's where you can get your very own Heven & Hell Anthology:

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