Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Release Day Review: RISE OF THE MAGI by Jocelyn Adams

**As I review many YA and YAish books, I wish to warn you this isn't YA, but definitely meant for an adult audience**

**Also, as this is book 3, there may be spoilers of books 1 & 2 within, so if you haven't read this AMAZING series yet, you may wish to read my review of book 1, Glassman 

In a battle of wills, who is strongest? The one who hates or the one who loves?

In a test of faith, who will fight the hardest? The one who has everything to lose or the one who believes only in herself?

For Lila Gray, the answer is both. For the Magi, the questions are pointless since they can’t lose, and they’ve been waiting since before Lila’s birth for this one moment. Lila only needs to find them to understand her entire purpose in life. This time, though, instead of protecting her people, Lila may be leading them all, including her unborn child and the man she loves, to their deaths — and not by accident.

In the ultimate trial of heart and soul, and the conclusion to the Lila Gray series, Lila will learn that the greatest weapon of war is herself, with one ultimate unknown. For which side will she fight?

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Publisher Type: Small Print/Indie
My Rating: *  *  *  *  *

My Review:
If you've gotten this far into the Lila Gray trilogy, you probably don't need me to tell you that this book is FANTABULOUS, but I'm going to do so anyway because it is soooo freakin' crazy good!!!  It truly is a remarkable ending to a remarkable series!!!  You have all the elements and characters you've grown to love over the past two books, but magnified!  All the expertly molded backstories Jocelyn Adams has woven throughout the series come together in as a cohesive and explosive entity.  It's complex and intelligent and just overwhelmingly amazing!  I could easily write on and on about how much I love this series, how Parthalan stole my heart, how themes of soul-deep love are my favorite, and how I cried like a baby throughout the last quarter of the book, but I think I'll spare you all my fan-girl ramblings.  Just know that this is an incredible book, so get reading!!!

Cover Art:
Not too many book covers could truly be classified as fine art, but I believe this one does.  It's just incredible on it's own and then on top of that, it reflects the content and mood of the book.  I'd give it a standing ovation, but my family is pretty close to having me committed already and I don't need to give them more fodder -- tee hee hee.

Purchase Link:
Check out J. Taylor Publishing's site for where to purchase the Lila Gray series!!! Also, don't dare forget to add Rise of the Magi to your Goodreads TBR!

And remember to come back by July 3rd for my stop on 
the Rise of the Magi blog tour!  
They'll be goodies!!!!

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