Friday, June 21, 2013

Cover Reveal: CHARMED by Cambria Hebert

So you all know how much I ADORE Cambria Hebert, right?!?
Well, here is the cover of her newest, soon-to-be-released treasure!
It's the second novel in the Death Escorts Series, 
but you totally DO NOT need to read these in order.

Charmed-by Cambria Hebert ebooksm

Total wow, huh?!?  YUMMY!!!!

 You DO NOT have to read Recalled (Death Escorts #1) to understand Charmed

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance 
This book is recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual content and language.

Publisher Type: Self-Published/Indie

Cover Designer: Regina Wamba

Format: Available in Print and Ebook

Release Date: July 22, 2013

Life or Death? Not many people would choose death. But what if death chooses you? What if death doesn’t mean the end of your life, but the beginning? For a Death Escort, death is life. Death is your paycheck. Death is your job. And Charming is the best Escort the Grim Reaper has ever had. But when you piss off the Reaper, being the best doesn’t matter. So Charming is assigned a Target who is practically impossible to kill. He knows the Reaper hopes he fails—that he’s counting on it. So Charming vows to prove him wrong. He vows to make the kill. But someone else vows to get in his way. Someone with a big mouth, a sugar habit, and blond hair. Someone who makes his heart start beating again. And so Charming is left holding more than one person’s fate in the palm of his hand. He thought the choice would be easy, that there really wasn’t a question at all. He was wrong. Life or Death?

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