Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review: GLASS MAN by Jocelyn Adams

**Just a quick FYI: I review mostly YA and YAish books, this is NOT one of them ... 
if it were a movie, it'd be R**

Intended audience: 18+, strong language, adult themes, some violence.

Lila Gray is just a human—at least that’s her mantra when she accidentally topples a building or bends a paranoid local's gun into modern art. That she can sense and control the minds around her doesn’t prove anything, either. Unwilling to put others at risk, she hides in the wilderness from the beautiful creature who hunts her, one who sees her as his ultimate prize.

Alone, the egocentric Glass Man can kill with a thought. Mated with Lila, he's a supernatural weapon prepared to annihilate the humans he loathes.

Caught in the Glass Man’s latest scheme, Lila is plunged into a hidden fae realm, faced with a secret birthright and a forbidden romance.

With the Glass Man threatening everyone she loves, can Lila accept who she is in time to end his bloody reign? Or will she succumb to his dark power and become the vehicle of destruction for the human race?

Genre:  Urban Fantasy/PNR 
Publisher Type:  Indie/Small Print
My Rating:  *  *  *  *  *

My Review:
This is a wildly imaginative and rather dark tale; one that grabs you, pulls you in and doesn't allow you to surface until the final word is read!  The plot is filled with twists and "I didn't see that coming" moments, so filled with suspense I barely breathed while reading.  Adams' characters are amazingly creative and hold such depth.  Lila is tough out of necessity, but her kind nature keeps bubbling to the surface.  We see a nice, subtle character growth from her as she learns to trust others and embrace her true identity.  The Glass Man is truly evil, but with depth and conviction not always seen in  literary villains.  As horrible as he is, there's some seriously smoking chemistry between he and Lila.  I was quite impressed with Adams' ability to make her reader feel those moments.  Then there's Liam, the ultimate conflicted character.  There's this amazing chemistry between he and Lila, but she's never completely sure she can trust him.  I love the instability this creates.  I will warn you that this is a much grittier tale than I normally read, but it is such an amazing book, I highly recommend it!

Favorite Quote:
"Had I found someone like me at last, another soul who didn't fit the standard human mold?  Twenty years old, and I still didn't know why the air trembled when my energy spiked.  Maybe someone down there did?  On the other hand, it was a bad idea to investigate.  A whole clan of crazies might be camped out in that old house, and who knew what steaming pile of trouble I'd land in.  Hell.  Who was I kidding?  When it came to my oddities, curiosity alway won."  --Lila Grey

Cover Art:
The beauty of this cover is haunting.  The cool color scheme, the face filling the camera shot, her eyes standing out against the whites and blues.... makes you want to see what the book's all about.

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