Friday, May 17, 2013

Review: Arise by Theresa M. Jones

A Descendant Trilogy Prequel

Rick is an Order Member, which means he has inherited the Power of the Angels. Ann is now a single mother, as her husband died less than a year ago. Allison is an only child, now fatherless. But together, they make for an exciting tale of love and loss.

Rick is sent on a mission to bind Allison’s Power, but he got more than he bargained for as her mother, Ann, stole his heart in the process.

Read this prequel novella to find out more about Ann’s and Rick’s relationship, and to see how it all began before Allison turns 21 in Power.

Genre: Paranormal Romance (sweet, not steamy)
Publisher Type: Indie
My Rating:  *  *  *  

My Review:
With prequels, it's sometimes hard to determine the best time within the series to read them.  For me, I love the surprise of the mystery unfolding; I hate spoilers.  Reading Arise first will give you a firm understanding of the Descendant Trilogy world, but does ruin the surprise that comes along of learning along with Allison in Power who she really is.  On the other hand, having read Power first, you do know how it will all end for Rick and Ann, at least for now. 

I loved Power and was really excited to see the Ann/Rick relationship story told.  Indeed this is a sweet and subtle romance; it's not really paranormal in that, even though Rick is paranormal, none of the happenings of the book are truly paranormal.  

Ann's a beautiful character.  I loved to see her grow past the heartbreak of losing her husband.  Her loss is handled so well in Arise and I appreciated that her feelings weren't just suddenly altered by the appearance of some uber hot man.  Instead she moves on in her own power, just with the nurturing of Rick.

All those good things being said, I must state a few complaints.  One is the information dumping we experience as Rick provides details on himself and his world.  Also, there's a lot of detailed description with the "telling not showing" clearly present.  Overall, the pacing was very slow due to these issues combined with the nature of most romance stories to be slower paced.

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