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Release Day Review: Renegade by Cambria Hebert

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Now onto a proper review.....

The conclusion to the Heven and Hell series.

I’ve been beautiful. I’ve been ugly. I’ve died. I’ve been brought back. I’ve had abilities awakened within me. My strength has been tested. My beliefs have been tested.

Yet I stand.

What’s next when you’ve pretty much experienced it all?

The end.

Sam and I are picking up the pieces. We’re trying to come to terms with all we’ve lost. And as much as I would like to hide my head, ignore the reality I live every day, there is no forgetting.

Riley is in hell—I’m still not sure of his agenda. My mother’s past haunts me. And Kimber… Kimber is being herself. Cole sneaks glances at Gemma and she returns them when she thinks I don’t see. 

But I do.

When Beelzebub escapes he brings his war to places I never thought he would. Earth. Maine. Home. Now everyone and everything is at risk. This has become bigger than my circle of friends. This has become bigger than me. I have to finish this. I have to find a way to stop him, to finish this war.

I just pray we will all be left standing in the end.

Genre:  YA Urban Fantasy/PNR (sweet)
Publisher Type: Indie Girl
Release Date: TODAY
My Rating: *  *  *  *  *

My Review:
Holy cow!!!  The very best of Heven & Hell was saved for last.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  It's totally the perfect balance of humor, suspense, drama and romance!!!  You've got to love this book!

So what did I love?  Well first: the characters.  I love the complexity and variety of characters of the Heven & Hell world.  I knew Gran had a secret!!!  Also, you'd think the character growth (which I love about YA literature) would be complete so many books into a series, but Heven and Sam continue to surprise.  Both continue to grow and develop .... happy sigh.  And then there's Riley, oh Riley.  I heart me some Riley.  I also love the peaceful and sweet Ana.  In complete contrast, Kimber is such a great character as well; you are thoroughly disgusted with her, but then you feel for her, then you admire her "true to character" actions.  She leaves you saying, "Huh.  Great, very real, flawed human, witch, whatever."  Even the non-human characters had style:  I love the Dragon!

Besides the characters, the action was fan-tab-bul-lous!!!!  So much happens and it's near impossible to put this book down!  I try never to spoil, so I've got to avoid specifics, but suffice it to say, you won't believe the craziness that occurs.  All in this crazy-creative world that Hebert creates!!!

Then there's the romance .... more happy sighing!  Heven & Sam have this amazing relationship and Cambria Hebert so beautifully writes this romance.  Then Riley falls in love .... it's just sooooo well done (but I can' tell you with who).   There's much, much more, but I'll let you read for yourself just how amazing the romance is in Renegade.

The ending was the best series ending, maybe EVER!  Sooooooo much happens throughout the series, but Hebert manages to bring just the right amount of closure, that all you feel is complete and utterly satisfied ... kind of like having just enough chocolate cake to satisfy a craving without hating yourself.  Things aren't so perfectly tied up that it's unrealistic, but there's plenty of happy ending to make this gal a happy camper.  Yay!

Favorite Quotes:
He looked at me then, pure hatred burning in his eyes, but there was something more.  He underestimated me.  I loved when people did that. -Riley

"There's a dead body in my car, Sam." I said it so low it was barely a whisper.  "Who is it?" he asked equally as low.  A laugh bubbled from my lips.  You know your life is a crap circus when your boyfriend asks if you know the identity of the dead body in the front seat of your car. -Heven

She often says I'm the one who saved her --from herself, from China, from Beelzebub... but in truth, she's the one who saved me.  She's the one who loved a boy that no one else would.  She's the one who gave me her heart even though I didn't deserve it, and she's the one who made me feel like I was worth something more than nothing.  Without her I'd be a man with two halves.  It's her that binds both parts of me together.  Maybe I hadn't realized until that moment just how wholly hers I was, but I did now.  It was there with sparkling clarity that no dust could ever cover. -Sam

Cover Art:
I love Mae I Design's Regina Wamba's work!  This is such a fab cover!  I love the glow to their eyes!!!  See the new Heven & Hell  covers on my Release Day Blitz post.

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  1. ahhhh this post made me *Sigh*. ahhhh maybe I am a little sad its all over. What a ride its been. Im so happy that you enjoyed Renegade. I tried my hardest to make it a fitting end. Thank you for posting.