Friday, May 17, 2013

Did Not Finish: Hope by Theresa M. Jones

by Theresa M. Jones

Allison now understands who she is and where she comes from, but will it be enough to save the world? She went through a dangerous journey, dragging her young daughter along for the ride, in an attempt to stop the evil Rising Leader, Damien, from opening the Seven Seals and bringing about the Apocalypse.

But she hasn’t succeeded yet. The Rising still thrives and Lilith has made it her mission to open the remaining Seals so that she and her minions can rule the Earth.

David and Allison hope that love can conquer all, but in reality, love is never enough. Will they, along with the rest of the gang back at the Compound, be able to stop the Rising?

And where is The Descendant that is prophesied to save them all?

Genre: NA Urban Fantasy
Publisher Type: Indie

My Rating: Did Not Finish

This one was a DNF for me.  I really enjoyed Power (Descendant Trilogy #1) though it too had some slow spots -- see my review here.  Where I normally will give a book 15% to grab my attention, I gave Hope over 30%.  The whole first section deals with the wedding of Allison and David.  It was very beautiful, but way too much.  I may have enjoyed this part better if I truly felt their chemistry.  I appreciated their developing relationship in Power, but it was the story of Power that really grabbed me.  Nothing much happens in the first third of the book outside of the wedding and honeymoon, with a few peeks into the Risings activities.  I am inclined to believe, due to the compelling story of Power, that later in the book there is a great adventure to be had, I just did not have the patience to get there.

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