Friday, March 29, 2013

Release Day Review: Cambria Hebert's Beneath

Where I came from everything is perfect. Everything is beautiful and predictable. Life isn’t measured by days, but by infinite joy that never ends.

But it did.

When I fell in love with a man who was perfectly imperfect. 

The price for forbidden affection was steep and my beautiful white wings withered and died around me. 

I was fallen. I am fallen.

Years have passed, and I’ve learned the true meaning of time. I’ve learned to build a wall around myself and exist alone. Yet, when he looks at me… the heart beneath my armor trembles.

But I must remember.

I must remember that I might not have anything left to lose, but he certainly does. And risking him is something I won’t do. So I lock my feelings where they belong.


Genre: YA Urban Fantasy/PNR (sweet)
Publisher Type: Indie Gal
My Rating: *  *  *  *

My Review:
This is a between-the-novels short story (60ish pages) giving us insight into one of the more mysterious characters, Gemma.  Immediately we hit the trademark Hebert descriptions.  She's just so amazingly gifted in making her readers truly experience her books!  This is what she opens with:

"The water here was cold.  It rushed through and around my fingers with eagerness, like it was flowing somewhere important and couldn't be interrupted.  The sound it made as it rolled over rocks and against the uneven bank was almost rhythmical, so beautiful that everything else around it grew quiet to leave more room for the song it was singing."

Once the story got going, I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't like it.  I was distracted trying to figure the era.  From the other books, I got the impression Gemma's experience with Callum happened long, long ago (she is an angel afterall), but Callum is wearing jeans and a t-shirt and riding a motorcycle.  I was also confused about why she gave chase to the dark stranger at the beginning, when she states that's not her gig.  There was just a bit of lack of clarity in her job responsibilities.  Despite these hiccups, the story really grabbed me as I continued reading.  The story of Callum, the depth of their feelings for one another, Gemma's heartbreak, the amazing connection and even-deeper feelings for Cole.  I was left breathless.  What a love story!!!  I'm really looking forward to the rest of the Heven & Hell story and am so glad to have gotten this peek into Gemma's mind!

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