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Review: Weaver by Kate Avery Ellison

Squee!!!  I was crazy excited when I got a hold of this one!!!

Book 3
of the Frost Chronicles!!!

So.... if you haven't read the first two .... (and why the heck not?!?!)
Check out these reviews instead to avoid spoiler-age:

and just because this is another fantabulous book by Kate Avery Ellison:

So onto the review.......

Every day, life in the Frost grows increasingly perilous for its inhabitants. The Farther occupation continues, and food is becoming scarce. And Lia Weaver’s family is facing increasing perils, too—Jonn pushes his health to the brink as he works to uncover the secrets of Echlos, and Ivy risks everything to get food for the family. And for the second time, the Weaver family is harboring a fugitive, but Lia doesn’t trust her.

Lia has personally braved many struggles—a Farther occupation, family secrets, a heart torn between two men, and Watcher attacks—as she struggles to keep her family safe. But now she will face her greatest challenge and uncover the Frost’s deepest secrets as she completes her most dangerous mission yet for the Thorns.

Genre: YA Dystopian
Publisher Type: Indie!!!
My Rating:  *  *  *  *  *  * (Yes 6!!!)

My Review:

Have you ever read a book and just be utterly flabbergasted at just how amazing the story and the writing are???  This book TOTALLY rocks on sooooo many levels!!!  

The writing is amazing.  You're cold; you're frightened; you're frustrated; you feel everything right along with Lia.  And Lia is the perfect protagonist.  She smart and she's tough, but still vulnerable enough to be relatable (though I wanted to scream at her to trust people more and not keep secrets .... not keeping everyone on the same page always ends badly).  Then there's Adam and Gabe ....sigh.  Love triangles are sticky things, but our author nails it!  And both guys are so likable, it's really hard to be Team Adam or Team Gabe.  I'm all tied up in knots as much as Lia!!!  and I love that Lia isn't all completely obsessed with these guys, but rather keeps her focus on the bigger issues at stake.  There's so much more I'd love to gush on about, but I don't do spoilers (feel free to email me after you read it, so we discuss this incredible crazy madness).  

I only have two small concerns.  One, I couldn't understand why they'd be bringing the fugitives back or why they'd want to return; afterall, they left for a reason.  But maybe I'll understand better after book 4.  Second, a certain pivotal conversation about the PLD was overheard and I cannot see how that could've happen under the circumstances.

  Needless to say (as I've given this book my highest rating) I'm absolutely dying to read book 4, which I have heard is in the editing stages right now as we speak.  Can anyone say HAPPY DANCE???


"I wanted to say more -- I wanted to verbalize the feelings swelling inside me, the anxiety and frustration and longing -- but I couldn't frame them into words.  They slipped away from me, dissolving into unnamable emotions whenever I tried to speak them."

"Only when we'd step back into the shadows of the forest did I breath easily again.  It was ironic that I felt safe now, here in the Frost, but... Some things were less frightening only because they were familiar."

"I gazed back evenly.  I was frightened, but I wouldn't let him see that.  I had looked Watchers in the face.  I had watched men die in front of me.  I would not flinch...."

"I hesitated as visions of the hushed forests of white filled my head.  I saw the sky, so blue and lonely, ringed by mountains and punctuated by storm clouds.  I saw the path lined with snow blossoms, the color of hope and fear.  I smelled the scent of pine and melting ice and tasted the chill of the wind."

Cover Art:

Kate's books always have such beautiful covers!!!!  This one and Curse Girl are tied as my favorites.  I don't know who does her covers, but they've got mad talent!

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