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Review: DEMONKEEPER by Royce Buckingham

Royce Buckingham

Ever since his mentor, the original DemonKeeper, mysteriously disappeared, Nat has been in charge of the demons that live in his house. Most of them are just nuisances, but the Beast who lives in the basement is very dangerous. When Nat goes out one night, a clueless burglar breaks into the house and unwittingly sets the Beast free. Meanwhile, a vicious villain, the Thin Man, wants to use the Beast for his own evil purposes.  Can Nat defeat the Thin Man and return the Beast to the basement without any major casualties?

Genre:  Middle Grade Urban Fantasy
Publisher Type: Traditional
My Rating: *  *  *  *  *

My Review:
So I had a huge dilemma in rating DemonKeeper.  As I read it, I read it as a Middle Grade story and LOVED it!!!  It's such a fun and enchanting read!  But the main character is 16, putting DemonKeeper in the YA range.  As a YA novel, it falls short of the depth of character and story I expect out of YA literature.  But as a Middle Grade novel, it's perfect!  So I decided to categorize DemonKeeper as Middle Grade and rate it as such.  Yay for 5 stars!!!!

So what did I love?  I loved the world Royce Buckingham created!  It's so creative and fun!!!  The house and all it's various occupants were amazing.  The ragtag group of Nat's demon assistants were perfect!  And while his nemisis, the Thin Man, was a bit flat, his minions were crazy interesting.  I enjoyed Nat's character growth and his developing relationships, both new and old; it's what makes this book truly spectacular.  The end made me cry and was sooooo very well done.  I have the next two books on my kindle and I look forward to seeing what becomes of Nat and his friends.

Cover Art:
This is a great cover!  It's playful, but not too cute, reflecting story within.  I also really like the German cover; just not quite as much as the US version.

Where to Get You A Copy:
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About the Author:
Royce Buckingham was born in Richland, Washington and grew up in the 70's downriver from the Hanford nuclear plant. This might explain his mutated view of the world and provides the perfect setting for his book, The Dead Boys.

As a kid, Royce dreamed of making up fantasy stories. He loved 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, The Phantom Tollbooth and The Hobbit. He collected comic books, watched Jaws at nine years old, then Star Wars at eleven and Alien at thirteen. He was even a Dungeons & Dragons nerd and created his own imaginary worlds.

As an adult, Royce obtained an English degree from Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA and received his law degree from the University of Oregon, paving the way for a job as a prosecuting attorney. It was his work as a prosecutor and his love of fantasy that led him to write his first book, Demonkeeper.

Demonkeeper began as a short story inspired by a street kid Buckingham used to prosecute regularly in juvenile court. He was thirteen, had a green Mohawk, and Buckingham would see him downtown begging change. One day he disappeared, and nobody seemed to notice. Even his parents didn't seem to know where he'd gone, or care. Buckingham imagined the chaos of street life as a monster that rose and ate him up while people weren't paying attention, as it does with so many lost children. He wrote a screenplay from that story. The script evolved into a much more lighthearted and fun tale than the original short story, but the message remained--kids need stability, family and a home.

His longtime goal of being published became a reality after 13 years of writing in his spare time. In 2005, he hit a home run, selling his first book Demonkeeper to both Putnam and 20th Century Fox within a month of each other. Demonkeeper then hit the bestseller list in Germany. He now has five books to his credit and continues to write in his dwindling spare time.

Buckingham lives in Bellingham, WA with his beautiful wife, whom he met in the courtroom when she came to cover one of his criminal cases as a reporter. They now have two fabulous boys who help with his books and a huge black hound from the dog pound. Thankfully none have been eaten by demons...or goblins...or mutated trees.

Get to know Bukingham better on his author's site,

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