Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Amber Polo's Retrieved

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If you haven't read Book 1 of the Shapeshifters' Library,
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Dog-shifters once again face the book-burning werewolves of Shipsfeather in this charming second installment of The Shapeshifters’ Library series.

Godiva Anglesey, Chocolate Labrador, and the ruggedly handsome English Mastiff Cynerik are forced to team up against power-hungry werewolves when Cynerik discovers an ancient Ohio mound that may hold answers to their shifter history. Knowing the mound’s secrets could benefit the dog-shifters in the ongoing contest for power, ambitious werewolf pack Alpha Sybilla challenges timid Godiva to a battle for the territory. Already faced with a malicious book-worm infestation and a censorship threat to ban all anthropomorphic books in her library, Godiva, who has no interest in battling anyone, must turn from running her small town library to train for a challenge she believes she has no chance of winning. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Godiva’s mother announces that family tradition dictates that Godiva must be married by Summer Solstice… to a Druid. Godiva doesn’t even know any Druids.

Godiva wants to run her library, retrieve books for library patrons, and keep people happy. She’s no hero. She doesn’t have what it takes to face down werewolves or save the world. Cynerik, however, believes differently. Together they must defeat the werewolves, save the town and its library, protect the most important archeological discovery in dog-shifter history… and, just maybe, find love along the way.

Genre: Urban Fantasy/PNR (the sweet kind)
Publisher Type: Small Print/Indie
My Rating: *  *  *  *

My Review:

Much like book one, Released, Retrieved is a light and fun read that I just could not put down!  The creativity, the cute librarian references (Sweet Dewey!), and the must-love-dogs theme makes this the perfect lazy Sunday read.  I loved to see Godiva grow as a character and the competition challenges she faced were such a fun and adventurous way to instigate that change.   

My only real complaint concerns the building up to bigger moments.  Events such as the mound discovery and contest challenges needed more "tah-dah, here it is!!!" to it.  That goes for some of the emotional moments, too (though I totally teared up at the happy ending!!!!).

I'm super eager to read on in this series.  These books are like chocolate chip cookies to me .... you just can't be satisfied with just one (or even two, wink)!!!!

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  1. Thanks Danielle, Nothing I like better than to wake up on my birthday to one of your reviews. :)
    And never fear, Book 3 Recovered is in the works.