Saturday, November 24, 2012

Review: Thorns by Kate Avery Ellison

Lia Weaver went against everything she’d ever known when she risked her life to help a Farther fugitive named Gabe escape from the Aeralian soldiers, and her life changed forever. And the Frost changed, too—the Farthers have taken over her village, a new group of vigilantes calling themselves the Blackcoats are making plans to overthrow the Farther occupiers, and the Thorns are seeking for her to join them.

Lia seeks to fight back against the evil and injustice that has swallowed up her home, but danger lurks at every turn. The monsters that dwell in the deepest regions of the Frost are growing bolder and more dangerous every day, a Farther noble takes up residence in the village on a mysterious mission, and Lia discovers that her parents were harboring even more secrets.

As the frozen world of the Frost grows even more perilous, can Lia survive?

See my review of book 1, Frost, here.

Genre: YA Dystopian/Fantasy
Publisher Type: Indie
My Rating:  *  *  *  *  *

My Review:
It's so very wonderful when the next book in a series is even better than the first!  Thorns has all that makes Frost (book 1) great but with more suspense, more danger and more unexpected twists at every turn; Ellison's characters will surprise you, delight (or maybe terrify) you and leave you hungry for more!!!  

As the consequences from events of book 1 progress, Thorns develops fully into the dystopian genre; giving us readers that breath-holding, kindle-gripping suspense for which we love dystopian literature.  This is the type of book that leaves you thinking about it for weeks after you finish it, especially with a so very FAN-TAB-BUL-OUS, crazy-makes-you-yell, super cliff hanger ending!  **Chill bumps**  I really am shocked with all that happens in Thorns and I am crazy in need of book 3 which I'm hoping will be out in the next few months.  

Cover Art:
This cover is perfect in it's simplicity.  The monochromatic color scheme, the uncluttered photograph, the beautiful typeface ... all just perfect!  I did like book 1's cover a bit better, but this is simply another fabulous cover!  Makes me cold just looking at it ... brrrrr!

Favorite Quotes:
  "The Frost was cold.  Ice wrapped the tree branches in soft silver, and a mist of shadow and snow enveloped the woods like a veil.  The path was long and twisting, and I ran.
    My cloak streamed behind me, a ribbon of blue in a world of white.  All around me, the snow fell in slow spirals like fairy dust.  It might be beautiful in some other place.  Here it was ominous, because here we had no fairy tale endings... only horror stories."

  "Honestly, trying to get Adam to talk at length about anything was like dragging meat from the jaws of a starving dog.  Especially if it had anything to do with the Thorns.  But like any true-born Frost dweller, I was nothing if not stubbornly persistent." 

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