Monday, October 22, 2012

Double Review: Pieces of Eight and Molly by Melissa Wright

I'm super excited to share with you the next book in the Frey Saga, Pieces of Eight 
and the postliminary novella, Molly!!!  
These are 100% MUST READS!

Genre:  YA Fantasy/PNR
Publisher Type: Indy
My Rating:  *  *  *  *  * (for each book)

After revealing her own dark past, Frey is forced to join with a group of strangers whose pasts seem to intertwine with her own. She struggles to regain her memories, her full power, only to find there is more danger on the other side. And now, there is no turning back.

My Review:
Take all the crazy awesomeness of book 1, toss in lots of answers to all the mystery of book 1, throw in a million more questions, mysteries and unclear motives and you'd begin to understand what you have in Pieces of Eight.

Holy cow, people!  I didn't think Melissa Wright could possibly add anymore wonderful intrigue and complexity to Frey's life, and I was so freakin' wrong.  Yay for being wrong!!!

To be succinct (yes, a rarity I know), Pieces of Eight is just more: more action, more mystery, more suspicion, and definitely more heated chemistry!

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Molly dreamed her whole life of living in a world of magic... until the day she walked into one. This short story falls between The Frey Saga Book Two: Pieces of Eight and the third book, which is scheduled to release late 2012.

My Review:
Short stories/novellas are rarely "important" to the telling of a series' story.  Molly is very much an exception.  This book explains SO MUCH!  And it's a great story all on it's own (but you definitely want to wait to read it until you've read Pieces of Eight).  Molly is a complex character; one you don't necessarily even like, but you understand where she's coming from and you want to know what happens with her.  The events of Molly unfold simultaneously with Pieces of Eight and shed some great light on what Frey couldn't see.  The end teases you with what may occur in book 3, Rise of the Seven, and I am just dying to see how that all unfolds.  Another fantastic read in the Frey Saga

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AmazonBarnes & Noble or Smashwords.  Don't forget to add it to your Goodreads TBR!

Cover Art:
Do I even need to say anything?!?  Amazingly gorgeous; love the color palate; love the homogeneity of covers in the series!!!

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  1. Great reviews! I have not heard of Molly. Thanks for sharing.