Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Timeless by Michelle Madow

I love cover reveals!  They make me twirl around in utter happiness!!!  It's just so much fun when 2 of my passions -Art & Fiction- collide, exploding in a firework-like creative display! 

And today I get to share with you (albeit a couple days late), yet another beautiful and intriguing new cover.  This one's part of the Transcend Time series by Michelle Madow.  Here's the first 2 books...

I know you are Oooo-ing and Aaaahing right now!  They are quite awesome!!!  So now on to the main attraction **loving the suspense** here's the final book in this trilogy, due to be released November 20th, designed by the author herself...

And you thought you were Oooooing and Aaaaaahing before!?!

If you haven’t started the Transcend Time Saga yet, the e-version of Remembrance is only $2.99 and can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.

So now onto the giveaway, hosted by the author.  Stop by her author's page to enter for a chance to win this...

Awesomesauce, am I right?!?  Have fun and good luck!


  1. oooh! i like the third the best!

    (also- i have a small cover art business. i did the cover for elemental up there in your sidebar. if you'd like to be part of sketcher girl studios cover reveals, let me know, and i can send you the information... i don't think i have you on the list...) :)

  2. I like the third one the best also. Thanks you for the giveaway.