Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review: Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong

Meet the smart, sexy — supernatural — women of the otherworld. This is not your mother’s coven...

Kelley Armstrong returns with the eagerly awaited follow-up to Dime Store Magic. Paige Winterbourne, a headstrong young woman haunted by a dark legacy, is now put to the ultimate test as she fights to save innocents from the most insidious evil of all.. . .

In the aftermath of her mother’s murder, Paige broke with the elite, ultraconservative American Coven of Witches. Now her goal is to start a new Coven for a new generation. But while Paige pitches her vision to uptight thirty-something witches in business suits, a more urgent matter commands her attention.

Someone is murdering the teenage offspring of the underworld’s most influential Cabals — a circle of families that makes the mob look like amateurs. And none is more powerful than the Cortez Cabal, a faction Paige is intimately acquainted with. Lucas Cortez, the rebel son and unwilling heir, is none other than her boyfriend. But love isn’t blind, and Paige has her eyes wide open as she is drawn into a hunt for an unnatural-born killer. Pitted against shamans, demons, and goons, it’s a battle chilling enough to make a wild young woman grow up in a hurry. If she gets the chance.

Genre:  Urban Fantasy/PNR
Publisher Type:  Traditional
My Rating:  *  *  *  *

My Review:
Simply put, this is a great book!  I find it amazing that Armstrong takes the very unlikable Paige (I HAAAATED her in book 2) and writes 2 books with her as a central character!!!  And now I love Paige!  Armstrong does an amazing job of growing Paige over 3 books and turning her into an amazing character I can not only like but respect.  And then there's Lucas.  Who couldn't love Lucas?  He's noble and kind and brave, despite his family problems, which endears him all the more to me (and I really grew to like his dad).

Industrial Magic is more of a mystery/thiller, with Paige & Lucas' developing relationship taking a back burner to a really good murder mystery.  There's lots of hints of the romances to come in further installments with most of the characters we've met (plus some new ones) making an appearance in this book (I'm totally stoked to see if the thing with Jeremy goes anywhere).

The only bit that bothered me was near the end where Paige and Lucas split up from the others when they were so careful not to at other times, knowing they were the main target.  Duh?!?  It's sort of like the buxom girl in the horror flick that goes see what that noise in the basement was all about, calling out "anyone down here?" and subsequently gets killed.

This is such a unique and fun series, with each book having it's own feel.  You wouldn't want to read these out of order, but you could definitely read them back to back without getting bored with all the drama being centered around one couple.

Cover Art:
I love this cover ... cool tights ... I want some! ... and then the hint with chess pieces is just perfect!


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    1. LOL!!! I know, right?!? Thanks for finding me on Goodreads! We're going to be great friends ... I can tell by your fabulous sense of style! :)