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Blog Tour: Character Interview and Giveaway for J. A. Belfield's Eternal

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Yes, it's finally here ... it's my stop on J. A. Belfield's Eternal Blog Tour!
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Okay, it's no secret that I love me some Holloway Pack (find them on Goodreads) and the newest installment, Eternal, is TO DIE FOR!   Yup!  Click here to check out my review, but then come right back because we are going to get to chat with Jem's sister, Jessica!  I'm so excited to meet her!  We are so lucky to get a chance to dish with her in between the events of Instinct and Eternal.  

And then there's going to be a freaking awesome giveaway where you can win an ecopy of Eternal and some sweet swag!  How cool is that!?!

So as without further... allow me to introduce Jessica ...  

Hi, Jessica! Welcome to my blog. I’m so glad that you could stop by today and talk with us!

It is a pleasure to be here.

Now for anyone who may not be familiar, would you first tell us a little about yourself and your family?

Oh, well … I live with Mother. It is only the two of us now, since Father passed away some time ago, and my sister Jem lives elsewhere. Since Father’s death, we have had to be self-sufficient, but Mother’s … natural remedies she blends help out with that—especially when someone seeks her for treatment of ailments. Most of my week is spent helping her. Or visiting the marketplace. That is often fun. But then, that is often where the likes of Brenton Pollock spend their leisure time. *smiles*

Tell me more about Jem; what’s your relationship like? Have you always been close? Got any embarrassing stories to share?

Yes, Jem and I have always been close. Although, it was rather a love-hate relationship when we were younger, before we matured a little and came to appreciate one another more. 

As for those embarrassing stories? I fear my own secrets of inappropriate behaviour far outweigh anything Jem has ever done. Yet she never tells. Which is why I helped her out when she wished to see Sean against Mother’s wishes. She has disguised my antics for long enough that I was indebted to her in that department. 

As to those antics? Well, a true lady never tells.

What were your thoughts when Sean Holloway started showing interest in your sister?

Truthfully? My initial thought was: of all the men to woo my sister, it had to be the one with the worst reputation. However, Jem is no fool, and the very fact she wished to visit with him told me he had shown her a redeeming quality in himself.

What is your opinion of him now that he and Jem are together?

Much improved of my initial opinion of him. For the most part, he keeps Jem happy. That is all that matters. 

And I concede that he is rather handsome. In a somewhat roguish way.

Your mom made it clear she didn’t like Sean. How is she now? I’m sure she must be missing Jem, but is she still angry? Think she’ll curse Sean?

You make her sound like a witch. *laughs* This is a delicate question—one I am unsure I have an accurate answer for. Yes, she does miss Jem. And yes, she is very angry. However, Sean’s visit after Jem had decided to stay with him did go a very long way to earning him a fraction of forgiveness. And I have to admit, she is far less cold toward him than she was in the beginning when she brewed numerous batches of Wolfsbane Tea, which she then went on to deposit on the Holloway’s doorstep. That seems like rather a long time ago now, though.

Do people in your community treat you differently now with this scandal of Sean’s & Jem’s living together? Any “guilt by association” issues? How do you feel about that?

Oh, goodness, you would think I were the one to be living unwed with a family of men. The gossiping women of the village could slice fruit with the sharpness of their disapproving glowers. And as for the men, you would think I were a trophy worth procuring. Really, the entire attitude of the locals is ridiculous. 

Yet, it does come with benefits. Ones a lady would never divulge.

Do you miss Jem being around now that she is living there? Any jealousy of her being surrounded by all those very fine men? **Wink, wink**

I do miss Jem, of course. I no longer have my resident false witness to my whereabouts when Mother asks where I have been. 

However, as for Jem being constantly surrounded by men? Whilst it may seem on the surface to hold great appeal, I am sure not being able to so easily walk away when one grows bored of their company is a curse rather than a blessing.

Any of those aforementioned very fine men catch your eye? Any consideration to following in your sister’s footsteps?

*Laughs* Not at all. I mean, of course the men Jem associates with are very pleasing to the eyes.
But to be always looked after by them, to be coddled as though a younger sister, to always know they are watching you and willing to protect … hmmm, perhaps I am not building so strong a case for the against after all.

Now the big question (okay, questions), do you think that Jem and Sean will ever tie the knot? Do you think Jem wants to? Sean? How do you think your mom would react?

I think for them to continue as they are with Sean not doing right by Jem and proposing would be utterly preposterous. It is about time he realised as such. And I have no doubt Mother would agree with me on this topic wholeheartedly.

Well, you’ve given us a lot to ponder. Thanks again for coming by. It’s been enlightening!

Thank you for having me.
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  1. thank you for the great giveaway. i love the cover and i look forward to reading the book along with the rest of the series. I KNOW, i am waaay behind but I'm a fast reader so it won't take me anytime o catch up, :D

    Tammy ramey

    1. It's a great time to start with the series! Here's a link to the author's blog: and she says there that in celebration of Eternal's release, the other books in the series are being offered at $.99!!! Which is an awesome deal!

      Thanks for coming by!

  2. Fun interview with Jem's sister.

    1. Thanks. The interview was a lot of fun to do. :o)