Monday, April 30, 2012

Review: Stolen by Kelley Armstrong

Whew!  Just under the wire to meet the deadline for the
 Women of the Otherworld Challenge....

by Kelley Armstrong
Beware ... Here be spoilers for book #1 ... Arrrr

It was in Bitten, Kelley Armstrong's debut novel, that thirty-year-old Elena Michaels came to terms with her feral appetites and claimed the proud identity of a beautiful, successful woman and the only living female werewolf.

In Stolen, on a mission for her own elite pack, she is lured into the net of ruthless Internet billionaire Tyrone Winsloe, who has funded a bogus scientific investigation of the "other races" and their supernatural powers. Kidnapped and studied in his underground lab deep in the Maine woods, these paranormals - witches, vampires, shamans, werewolves - are then released and hunted to the death in a real-world video game. But when Winsloe captures Elena, he finally meets his match.

Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Rating:  *  *  *  *  
My Review:
I just can't get enough of Elena and Clay!  They are one of those couples you read about and just want more.  I may even love them more than Cat and Bones from the Night Huntress series (and I do have to say Kelley Armstrong writes a better sex scene than Jeaniene Frost; you know passionate, but not overly graphic ... I should never have to think "ewww").

So this book is all about the suspense.  Who's an ally and who's the enemy?  How will this come play out?  How bad are things going to get?  I read this 468 page book in a few days.  I COULD NOT put it down. I NEEDED to know what was going to happen.  The funny thing is that because this book was so much about the suspense, I felt it ran slow at points.  I was also disappointed that (ummm... the following sentence might be considered a very minor spoiler, just fyi)  the shaman in the first chapter didn't play any further role from beyond the grave.  Nonetheless, this was a fabulous book and I look forward to following Paige's story in book #3.  Yay!!!

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  1. I appreciated the nature of the relationship between her and Clayton, the werewolf who bit her and still wants her, despite Elena's continued resentment toward him. Their bond is fascinating and multi-faceted -- in many ways they are reflections of each other. I was happy with the initial resolution of their conflict and hope to see more of them.