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Blog Tour: Interview & Giveaway with Aimee Laine

Blog Tour
Author Interview & Book Giveaway
with Aimee Laine 

I'm super excited to be here with Aimee Laine on her blog tour for her new release Hide & Seek (Games of Zeus #1)!!!

Yay!  In February I was super lucky to read and review this suspenseful paranormal romance (click here for my rave review).  It was an incredible read and guess what?!?  You have the very special opportunity to win your very own e-book copy of Hide & Seek thanks to our very generous author!  Woo hoo!!!

So let's get to know our author, Aimee Laine:

A romantic at heart, southern transplant Aimee Laine, writes of challenges, choices and introspection – inspired by her work as a parent, photographer, writer and dreamer.

Madly in love with her husband since she was fourteen, the two married six years after surviving a prolonged, long-distance relationship. Since then, they've produced three native North Carolinians, Aimee's gone on to her get her MBA and write seven (and counting!) novels.

Her true interest in writing began, years before, at age twelve, when she wrote, illustrated and bound six hand-made books for a school assignment — and its extra credit. At least one still exists — carefully archived by the story’s main characters.

To Aimee, writing is like a couple’s first kiss. It’s desired, sometimes unbearably. Anticipation and excitement rule the moment. Once the memory is created, it can’t be duplicated rather opens one’s eye to new adventures.

And now, let's chat:

Danielle:  Who or what inspires your writing?

Aimee:  It depends! Some days, I'm inspired by scenery I've passed 8000 times as I drive down a road I drive down every single day (this inspired Silent Echoes - Book 2 in the Games of Zeus). Sometimes, it's me finding something neat on the Internet while searching for something totally unrelated. This was how I found the myth behind the Fox and Hound that became Hide & Seek. I just let inspiration find me, but when it hits, I roll with it.

Danielle:  Who are your favorite writers?

Aimee:  I've been a huge Nora Roberts fan for (um ... ) decades. She's an easy answer because she's just amazingly prolific so I always have something new to read from her. I prefer her JD Robb series over everything. I have more of her books than any other writer out there, though I also love Sharon McCrumb who writes historicals based in North Carolina. Oddly, I'm not a historical romance lover, but I do like Sharon's work a lot.

Danielle:  When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Aimee:  I have a story unlike most. I really didn't want to be a writer ... not a 'since I was 6' kinda of thing. Honestly, one day, I had the idea I'd write a story and I did. 111,000 words (approximately 450 pages) and got addicated. It's like that Pringles commercial where they say you can't eat just one. I couldn't write just one story. Now, probably like the very first batch of Pringles ... it sucked, thus it went into file 13 and I wrote another and another and I'm about to finish number 11.

Danielle:  What one event or person has impacted your writing the most?

Aimee:  Finding the writing site Scribophile. That's where I learned there's more to writing than just putting words to paper. I learned so much about writing from other writers, from reading, from critiquing, from finding my own style and from getting praise and constructive feedback. Because I'm an incredibly competitive person, I pushed myself to get better and better and better. To refine and refine. I did, too. :)

Danielle:  How long did it take to write Hide & Seek? Your first novel?

Aimee:  My first novel took 60 days. Little White Lies - my first published one took 45 days. Hide & Seek took just over 45 days. So, to some, that would be 'not long.'

Danielle:  What is the hardest part of writing a story? The easiest?

Aimee:  The middle. I can get to page 100 without a problem. Pages 100-300 are often very hard. Which way will the story go? What paths will the characters follow. What problems will need to be tied-up at the end. The end FLIES. I mean, i can write 15,000 words of 'the end' when I know how it will end (and I don't always) in a day or two. Literally, that's the best.

Danielle:  Are you a pantster or a plotter (meaning do you let the writing just flow where it will or do you follow an outline)?

Aimee:  Pantser 100%. :) I have never outlined. I often know the characters, the main conflict and what I *want* to happen, but I let the story tell itself.

Danielle:  Do you have a writing ritual? Favorite music you listen to whilst writing?

Aimee:  I don't. I write wherever, whenever. With TV on, without. With radio on. Without. With family all around me being annoying and without. I'm must faster without all that, but I'll take whatever time I can.

Danielle:  Have you been a long time fan of Greek mythology or was the Zeus' paradox theme the result of research?

Aimee:  The paradox was an accident. I was looking for something else and came upon the Fox's side. One more click via Wikipedia and I realized it was an awesome plot for romance.

Danielle:  Hide & Seek is the first in the Games of Zeus series. What can we expect in the future of the Games of Zeus? 

Aimee:  Oh, there's more. ;) Book 2 is called Silent Echoes and it's Ian and Taylor's story. Nope, Ian and Emma are not a pair (they are too much like brother and sister) and in book two, I took Zeus' cheating heart (he was clearly not monogamous) and put them into a very, very dangerous and deadly love triangle. Not just one that anyone could deal with. Oh, no. This one's even more complex that Hide & Seek. But in the end, as anyone who knows me knows ... there will be a happy ending..

So needless to say, I am super crazy stoked that there's more to come from Aimee Laine's Games of Zeus.  Once you read Hide & Seek, you will feel just like me about it ... yup, just wait and see!  So if, you just can't wait another second to read it, you can buy Hide & Seek by clicking here.  Otherwise, if you'd like to try and win a copy fill out the Rafflecopter form below (if you can't see it click here).
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