Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quote It Saturday

I'm pleased to announce my very first meme!  Quote It Saturday is hosted by Fred'a Voice and is a meme where I can share with you a random quote.  The quote can come from anywhere including song lyrics.  I just need to be sure to let you know from where it came.

So here is my quote.  It is from an email I received from Grant Faulkner sent to everyone on the NaNoWriMo email list entitled "The Future, Guilt Monkeys & You."  In this quote he is comparing himself with Chris Baty, his predecessor as Executive Drictor of the Office of Light and Letters...

"We both have a passionate and joyfully reckless belief that a simple act of creativity can better the world in wildly unexpected ways.

I took on this job mainly because of that last similarity. The one thing I know from being a writer, a teacher, a journalist, an editor, a book store clerk, a waiter, and a parent is that all of us are makers, and we must be bold and zealous and vigilant and giving as creators."

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