Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I've Been Tagged to Play 11 Questions!

So you may have noticed the fun little game of it tag that has been skipping through the blogging community.  I was just tagged by J. A. Belfield, who is one of my fav authors.  See my reviews: InstinctDarkness& Light, and Fated Encounter and her guest post.  And... crazy enough I also got tagged by my very cool blogger friend, Bailey at Novel Nerd.  She always does great reviews, you should stop by and check her blog out.

So, the idea here is to answer the sender's 11 questions, then come up with your own 11 questions and pass them along to 11 bloggers. They in turn answer your questions and link back to your site when done. Fun, I know, right?  As I have a total of 22 questions and that's probably more info than you want on me (yup, that is a picture of me and Ty, a red tail boa we rehabilitated), I've chosen a couple questions from each these ladies blogs.

So here's the questions and my answers (in purple):

1. So … you have an evening of glitz and glamour ahead. But being the super secret spy you are, you already foresee the night ending in a run for your life (or to protect your anonymity). Which means the all important decision of footwear becomes a little complicated. Do you go for your favourite pair of freakishly awesome Jimmy Choos and hope you don’t end up on a cobblestone street? Or do you say to heck with it, and wear a skirt long enough to cover your battered Nikes?

Hmmmm...  A kick-ass pair of black knee-high boots with wedge heels would be my best choice.  The boots not only would give me an edgy, punk look but would be fairly comfortable in which to run or fight.

2. If you could choose ANY book (no matter how impossible the graphics required might seem) to be made into a film (movie for the U.S.ers), what book would you choose?

Scott Westerfeld's Uglies series would be really cool.  I'd also love to see Eargon redone as they did such a poor job of it the first go round.

3. Who’s your No 1 (ONLY1!) book boyfriend? The. Ultimate. Fictional Male. Of your dreams!?

Mr. Darcy.  As much as I love the bad boy, ultimately you want to man who would move the world to make you happy, the one who seeks your best interest selflessly, the one who loves you despite your shortcomings.

4. And still with the book boyfriend, He’s agreed to a date.  What’s the date? Where, what, why, how?

I'm a simple girl.  My first date with my husband involved McDonald's and $1 beer night.  But if I were to imagine the best fantasy date (which would be with my dear husband, who is every bit as incredible as Mr. Darcy), I'd love to spend the day with my man doing something adventurous, like zip-lining or rock climbing and then camping under the stars.

5. Okay, an easier one for you as I’ve been pretty hard: what is your EARLIEST childhood memory? Is it even from this lifetime? ;)

My Grandpa May died when I was four, but I vaguely remember sitting on his lap sometime before that and the feeling of being so very loved.  There's not a whole lot to the memory, I can't even remember what he looked like, but it is a really special memory to me.

6.   If you could be best friends with any character from a book who would you chose?

Wanderer from The Host by Stephenie Meyer.  My closest friends have always been so different than myself.  I've always loved those differences because we can learn more from each other.  Wanderer has experienced so many things I could never imagine and I would enjoy getting to know her.  Bella from the Twilight series would be a close second for the opposite reason.  I feel that she is most like me than any other literary character: loyal, constant and clumsy.  

7. Who is your favorite protagonist when it comes to book series?

Rose from Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.  She works so hard to protect those she loves; though extremely flawed, I love her tenacity and loyalty.

8. If you could live inside one book what book would it be and why?

What fun it would be to know Grimlikin from Iron Fey or any number of yummy weres from Patricia Brigg's  Mercy Thompson series.  I'd like to wander in Alice's Wonderland for a bit or fly on a dragon from Eragon.  Ultimately, my husband and children are not in any of these books and so, alas, I could not reside in any of them forever.

9.  Twilight Saga or Vampire Academy?  Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Both!!!   Twilight and VA are two of the very best YA fantasy series out there!!!!  I've always been Team Edward, even though I tend to favor weres over vamps. 

10. Who is your favorite author and why?

Do I have to pick just one?!?  I have so many favorites.  From the big publishers, I love Richelle Mead, Patricia Briggs and Stephenie Meyer.  My Indie favorites include J. A. Belfield, Cambria Hebert, Quinn Loftis and (my newest fav) Amiee Laine.

11. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you be living?

I really do love Lexington, KY where I currently live, but my preference for warm weather and beaches makes me wail for a move every winter (this winter excluded as its been crazy nice).  If I had to chose a specific warm beach, I think I'd like to move to Nim's Island.

So now it's my turn.  Here are my (very random) questions.  Please leave a link to your answers!!!
  1. Outside of reading/writing, what do you do for fun?
  2. If you were a paranormal being, what type would you be and why?
  3. What was the best trip you've ever taken?
  4. If you had a free afternoon to yourself, what would you do with it?
  5. What's the most outlandish thing you've ever done?
  6. In which book's world would you want to live?
  7. If you held a world's record, which record would it be?
  8. Snakes.  Creepy or cool?
  9. If there was a TV show about you, what would it be called?  What would be the theme song?
  10. What is your favorite movie adaptation from a book?  Least favorite?
  11. What your top 5 favorite websites?

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  1. Hehehehe, thanks for playing, Danielle.

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