Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not a book review...

I hope you will forgive this deviation from my normal bubbly book-related dialogue, but my heart grieves for some friends in Kenya and I can't help but share this with you, my fellow bibliophiles with whom I have come to cherish as dear friends.

the kids before school
Let me begin with some back story....

homes in the slum
the bakery
Last April, my husband Lars and then-10-year-old daughter, Lydia took a trip to visit a small Kenyan orphanage.  Our friend Ian's mom and step-dad (Charles & Alice Tillet) are missionaries there and work with Michael & Agnes.  Michael & Agnes take in orphans and raise them as their own.  They support themselves and another, larger orphanage with their small bakery.  Michael is also a pastor working with their devastatingly impoverished community in Naivasha, Kenya.  You can see more pictures from their trip by clicking here.

As you can imagine, my family grew to love these amazing people and the community they serve.

Now on to that which my heart aches over...

There's been a terrible fire that has ravished the community.  Here was the first communication we received:

Kambinbou a little village the houses made of tin and wood next to KCC where Pastor Michael and Agnes live is on fire and we are told burnt to the ground. Loss of life we don't know yet there is over 500 people who live there. For you that visited Michael and Agnes it is the little village we took you to near their house. Please pray I seem to be overwhelmed in tears the Kenya people suffer so much and this for one of the poorest villages in our area is hard to realize.


To the right are photos taken after the fire.  These people who had so little now have nothing.  They would not have had any running water to help put out the blaze and no fire department or insurance to aid them.  These are people my husband and daughter met in April.

Here's the next communication we received:

No one was injured in the fire this is unusual, but all is lost.

There is one family who we may be able to help. A mother, of a 8 year old and and grandmother who lived together, and another daughter who lived beside them. The mother buys vegetable's and resales them in town to have some money, Pastor Michael knows them well. They are the mother and grandmother and sisters of Patrick who helps us here at our house. They are temporarily living at Pastor Michael's compound where the orphans live, in a shed at the Village of Children.

If we could raise some money to rent a two room house for them for a year and buy them some mattresses and blankets and cooking utensils they could get back on there feet. The cost would be around $500.00 Any amount you can send would help.

Please send what you can as soon as you can to help, we are giving what we can $100.00 and clothes, and some food.

Email us quickly, as soon as you get this message for help so we will know where we are in helping this family.

Peter who helps us at the house just said he wanted to give half of his weekly salary to help the people of the fire this week, he makes $18.00 a week,. Peter and Patrick both help us in the ministry in operating the sound equipment.

When help is needed God's people are there.

Also please pray for the others at Kambinbou over 500 people lost their homes, some of Naivasha's poorest people. The Red Cross will hopefully help also, perhaps tents and food.

We will send pictures and more information later. Send help through the address below and state it is for the family who was burned out of home.

When help is needed God's people are there.

Charles & Alice
The Church on the River: African Missions
In Care of:  Ian & Georgia Greene
521 Glenbrook St.
Lexington, Kentucky 40505

I share this with you asking for your help.  If you pray, please do so.  If you happen to have a few extra dollars, please consider sharing.  Perhaps you could use this month's book budget and work on that big stack of to-be-reads that we all have. :)

Thanks, my friends, for listening.

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