Sunday, January 22, 2012

Giveaway & Author Guest Post with J. A. Belfield!!!!

I cannot express to you how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spending blog time with some of my favorite authors!!!  Today I get to share with you a guest post from J. A. Belfield the author of the Holloway Pack Series!  Yay!!!  Woo hoo!!!  AND she's even offering up a delicious giveaway of Darkness & Light (in e-format) and a beautiful bookmark (pictured to the right)!!!  You can see my reviews for Darkness & Light, Fated Encounter and Instinct here.

So I asked J. A. to share about her experience with becoming published and here's what she had to say....

Well, what do you think?
Heck, yes.
I never dreamed I’d be published. Not when I first began writing. It all started out as a hobby for a bored stayed-at-home mum with far too many daydreams to send her insane. Only when I created Darkness & Light did the notion of being published begin to formulate—because for the first time, I’d created something I wasn’t ashamed to share beyond my sister and best friend.
I could bore you all with tales of my journey to being published but they’re exactly that: boring. I submitted to lots of agents. Got rejected by them all. Submitted to lots of publishers who accepted unsolicited manuscripts. Got rejection after rejection.
And then I got a yes.
Was it an easy ride?
Agents and publishers combined, I submitted and got rejected close to 100 times. And, as in the UK barely any of them accept emailed submissions, the entire process of being told ‘thanks but no thanks’ took a long time. In fact, I think I spent around 20 months reading rejections letters.
They didn’t stop me though. I believed in Darkness & Light, dammit. And just as I was looking into the possibility of self-publishing, J.Taylor Publishing offered me a contract.
I didn’t go running over the hills, waving it in my hand like a lunatic. I carefully read the contract many times over a 24 hour period and made absolutely certain I wouldn’t be signing anything away I didn’t want to be. Only when 100% sure I was happy with what they had to offer did I sign and return the contract. And that was when I ran spasmodically around town telling anyone who’d listen.
It’s been an uphill climb from there. But in a totally scream-worthy and exhilarating kind of way. Because one has to go uphill to reach the dizzying heights, right?
My experiences with an Indie Publisher have been more fun than I imagined, smoother sailing than I’d ever have hoped for, and the support I’ve received has surpassed what I have a right to expect.
Yes, the publishing experience is a lot different to that with the big publishing houses. But, even though the Indie reach is not as great, they are fast becoming more widely recognised and accepted—especially by readers. And aren’t they who we’re supposed to care about?
The thing is, different writers have different goals/objectives/dreams when they decide to pursue the route of publishing. They have a different view on what constitutes success. If they’re aiming to make it big, become a star, be swept along in a best sellers campaign then yep, they’re going to want to chisel away at all those barriers blocking you from garnering a Big6 contract.
That wasn’t me.
My goal was small. After all, I write for pleasure first and foremost so earning money from it was never my primary reason for wanting to be published. The appeal of being published was wholly to do with the chance to have at least one person I didn’t know buy my book, and love it enough that they didn’t regret having bought it. Or having a paperback copy make it into the home of someone in the States, simply so I could smile at the thought of something created by me finding a place with someone across the pond. Or to have just one stranger come along and say, ‘Hey, read your book, thought it was awesome’.
I’ve achieved all three of those. And then some.
So, yeah: being published is most certainly all that.

So on to the giveaway!!!  Simply leave a post comment letting me know if you'd like to be entered for the e-book, bookmark (pictured above) or both.  Make sure to leave an email or another way for me to contact you should you win.  The winner will be chosen on Monday, January 30.  And as an added bonus, Stop by J. A.'s tomorrow for another giveaway (a Darkness & Light t-shirt!!!!).


  1. both[ebook plus bookmark]
    this sounds good

    tnx 4the giveaway
    gr8 intrview

  2. Awesome interview+giveaway! I would love to win that bookmark! Its so pretty! :D

  3. I can't tell you how happy I am that authors like you let your passion drive you to keep trying to get published - or I would miss out on SO many wonderful, amazing books and adventures! I fold so easily to rejection, that you must have an incredible support system behind you to be able to soldier on - and I am so grateful that you have done so!

    I would really like to enter the contest for the Ebook - I've had it on my wishlist since I first heard about it a couple of months ago, and am dying to read it =)

    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    Gena Robertson

    1. If you want to make it, you have no choice but to keep going, because you're the first person who has to believe in you. Thanks so much for the encouraging words. :o)

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