Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Guardian's Kiss (Samantha Brand #1) by Jamie Dougherty

by Jamie Dougherty

Goodreads description:

Take a step into this world of Angels, Demons and a little something in between. A touch of faith and trust. And a woman finding her true strengths and doing anything she can to protect those around her. Ultimately finding out more about herself and her soulmate than she could have ever imagined.

What would you do if you had the survival of mankind weighing on your shoulders?
Would you face your true identity? Or would you run and hide?
When Samantha’s sister is infected by a deadly virus, Samantha and her twin must face their deepest secret. One that they have kept their entire lives. When they are rescued by a handsome soldier Trent, Samantha senses something in him she feels she can trust.
Little does she know, he has secrets, not even she could have prepared for. Will her destiny take her down the path that will save the human race?
Or will it be too late?
With ethereal gifts and a Guardian to watch over her, Samantha must remember who or what she truly is to save those she cares for the most.

Genre:  Paranormal Romance with some Science Fiction elements

Rating: * *

My Review:
This was a hard one to rate.  The story has great potential.  Read the description, it's amazing and I loved the genre blur of taking the paranormal element of angels and adding the sci-fi element of a zombie virus unintentionally made by the government.  But in the end, the story just fell flat for me.  I was sometimes confused about what was happening and it took the characters explaining what happened to another character later in the book to clarify things for me.  I liked Samantha, but overall I couldn't get invested in any of the characters.

The Guardian's Kiss and it's author could benefit from a publisher's guidance.  From some author interviews I've read, it seems that an involved publisher will nurture a story with "good bones" and enable it's author to develop it into a great read.  This book has "good bones" and could absolutely be a great read, but it's not there yet.

I gave this book 2 stars.  It was a hard decision, but I have to feel good about recommending a book to give it a 3 or above and I simple can't suggest this book as it stands. 

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