Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beg for Mercy (Cambion #1) by Shannon Dermott

Everyone dreams of that first kiss. Of that magic moment when your lips finally meet those of that special person you’ve waited your whole life for. A little awkward, a little scary, a little hot and every bit amazing. We speculate that the whole world will shake and time will just stop. No one, however, ever imagines that kiss to bring Death himself knocking.

Sixteen year old Mercy Moore's life just got more complicated. The kiss that originally could have meant she would finally have a boyfriend now was the kiss that could have very nearly ended his life. A small detail her mother conveniently never told her will take her life for an abrupt u-turn. Dating, no love, was now completely and utterly impossible. And the boy well, that boy would never be the same.

But life, however cruel, goes on. Far too soon for her taste, Mercy finds herself at a senior party with the elite students of her school and her best friend. And of all things, playing a stupid game that could very well mean the death of someone in that small room. If it were not for her best friend, the hottest guys in school, and a small need to fit in, she may have been able to escape the disaster that was to come. Her worst nightmare, her personal curse, her very life, only gets dangerously worse.

Genre:  YA Fantasy
Rating:  * * * * *
My Review:
I want to jump and down and squeal excitedly to express how much I loved this book!!! It ranks with the likes of the Twilight and Mortal Instruments series. Mercy is a very likable main character who is finding her way and making lots of mistakes in the process. As I relish a good love triangle, there's some great guys involved from which Mercy must chose. Every character has depth and the dialog flows nicely. The romance, mystery and action are all fast paced and leaves you guessing through to the end. There's a few unanswered questions that undoubtedly were left to be answered in future books. This is a must read and I cannot wait for the next book!!!

Cover Art:
I'm not a huge fan of the cover art for this one. It always bothers me when the models used for YA fiction look too old to fit the characters or target audience. Also, the whole naked thing seems a bit risque for a YA book. So where I LOVE the book, I'm just "eh" about the cover.

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  1. Well it turns out I forgot that you have not type the code after the comment so all those comments from last week have gone to waste lol

    Wow you said Mortal Instruments was one of your fav series so this is way up there! I really need to check this out. Agree about the cover though, I wouldn't have read this at first glance.